Lots of thanks to Jason

Lots of thanks to Jason Dube for his help in finding our dream home. First met Jason at an open house when I was testing the market and getting experience with whole home buying deal. Had a fantastic interaction with him during the open house and ended up asking him to be our realtor. For the last few months, Jason has been unbelievably helpful. As a first time home buyer, Jason helped explain things and guide us through everything; he made the home search a smooth ride. Jason was always there when asked to show us a house or when needed to answer a question (even during the weekend and after hours). He was always there via email, text, and calls (picks us right-away no voicemails). Jason gave his unbiased opinion when asked and never tried to persuade us toward any houses. Even though the search lasted a few months due to our pickiness, Jason never complained and was never hesitant to help. During the couple of times that he was not able to show us houses, he always had one of his colleagues of the ABODE team sent to show us instead, and they were all fantastic. Jason was very respectful of everything and always there on time if not before. When we settled on our dream house, he played a major role in winning the bid on it even during a hot market. During the inspection, Jason attended the whole time and was helped in explaining things and working with the inspectors. Every time I went to an open house and mentioned that Jason Dube is our buying agent, the response was always “Oh we love working with Jason!” He was well known in his field of work and very knowledgeable as well. If you are buying or selling a house, Jason should be your man. Highly recommend Jason Dube. Once again, big thanks from my parents and I to Jason and his team in helping during the journey of home buying.

— Tho Al