William Chapman

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Will specializes in numbers. In his early working life he enjoyed time as a chef in a variety of restaurants from Arizona to California to Hawaii. He soon moved into restaurant management as he excels in the running of businesses.

In 2002, a knee injury forced a career change and Will became an appraiser training under one of the top appraisers in the state and working on complex valuations.

He reached the top level of certification in Maine as a Certified General Appraiser—meaning he can appraise both residential and commercial properties. He has also served as an expert witness in this capacity in a variety of legal cases. Will understands how property is valued by assessors, banks, and other appraisers. With extensive analytic knowledge of mortgage financing, appraisal standards, market trends, cap rates, and profit/loss statements he looks at every property from an investment perspective.

In 2009, Will became a realtor and has been working to help buyers, sellers, and investors make smart decisions about real estate. He is still a practicing appraiser and owns CMRE Appraisals.

Will is a skilled negotiator which his wife Holly attributes to his southern upbringing or possibly Jedi mind tricks. Will works to determine the market value of your property and then defend that value—and your money- all the way to the closing table.

In 2017, he helped found the Abode Group at Keller Williams, an exciting new group committed to working together to serve clients at an exceptionally high level.

Will has served in many volunteer capacities for the Pine Tree Council of Boy Scouts and is known to revisit his culinary skills for church fundraisers. In his spare time he trains for races that involve medals. It is his thing. And his wife Holly has approved this obsession though does not participate.

Holly and Will have two children, Hannah a freshman at Elon University and Miles, sophomore at North Yarmouth Academy. They also have Otter, a sweet and sometimes naughty golden retriever.

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